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Hi There, I'm Alicia!

Who am I?

I am a Midwest gal, Kansas specifically…No, I have never milked a cow or been in a tornado. In 2007, I relocated on a whim to the Southwest with my partner in crime, Brian. Since landing in Arizona and setting down roots, we have welcomed two adventurous, wild boys who amaze me daily. Tacos, park dates, and youth hockey are a staple of my weekly life (A 3 year old in full hockey gear is the cutest ever).

When I am not wrangling children, running the house, or immersing in my work, I find balance through meditation, yoga, and piping hot baths. My heart and soul has lead me to serving the foster care system and postpartum families without a support system, a passion project in its infancy. If I “had time” for a hobby I would sew all the projects! Getting crafty with my hands inspires me. My love language is definitely giving gifts and service…are those actual love languages? I am not sure, maybe I just made new ones!

Who am I as a service provider?

In my youth, I always had a propensity for healing through touch. I did not know massage therapy was a skill or trade, but it was natural to me. Finding myself in massage school was no surprise and I felt like I had found my place in the world. My shoulders disagreed. As such I have opened my horizons to other ways of self care that allow me to share the quality of self-awareness and care we all need and deserve in our lives. Staying in the spa industry allows me to use my hands and do what I love best, share energetic space and connection with my clients.

It made sense that falling in love with birth and postpartum would naturally happen following the birth of my first baby. Being in the service of a mother or family is a way of connecting to community that had never crossed my mind before. My eyes were opened to the love and compassion that can exist within the world of pregnancy, labor and birth. Continuing to share that message and service is a privilege, and every family that allows me into their journey is an honor.



Expecting? Congratulations! You are on the journey of a lifetime. Pretty soon you will be on the other side of pregnancy and in complete awe of the new tiny person in your arms.

Until then, parents like you, are in preparation mode. Often thinking "How do we get from here, to there?"

That journey, begins with you.

Gather your knowledge, strength, and resources to embark into labor and birth, through Birthing From Within.
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As a mother, I am drawn to mothers. I find a deep beauty and reverence with the birthing year; growth of a baby, growth of a family, the birth of both.

I see a need for women to be supported through their journey, in a way that suits their needs.

​Through the gathering of information, digging deep, planning, pitfalls of learning and making invaluable connections during my own birthing years, I have built a toolbox of love, support, resources AND reality.


I believe our personal well being is more than just exercising. It is more than just a product you can buy off a shelf. It is learning daily routines that will help you in your everyday life to really feel and preform at your best.

Through a combination of yoga classes as well as skin care and beauty products, I work to help my clients see the beauty that is within all of us no matter where we are at in our journeys.

Here's what my clients have to say about my services: